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Your Unique & Amazing Film

Ready to recordIt's all very relaxed and easy, but to create a great film we do need a bit of  planning  ... plan the stories you want to share and choose  the photographs to use. (Tea is optional at this stage.) 
Next is recording day. Gerald  arrives at your home (or wherever in the world you feel most comfortable) to make the magic happen. Tea is essential at this point to get the memories flowing.
After a couple of hours of much laughter, sometimes a tear or two, and lots of tea ... the recording is done.  Two or 3 days later your film will be ready to view with the option to have the film accessible online or on a special presentation memory stick or both.
Prices from £275 plus travelling costs.




For small groups and teams we tailor unique events just for you.  We create a mini  My Talking Photo film for each member of the group and provide opportunities for other team building / bonding exercises. 
Delegates learn about story-telling, digital technology and how to access and share  their film online ... and laugh a lot. Prices for a half  day sessions for a group of four from £349 plus travelling expenses.
Gerald Main has many years experience of training and hosting events for the BBC and other organisations.

Unique Retirement Gifts

When a much loved colleague leaves or retires, a My Talking Photos voucher makes a great gift. They can be for as much or as little as you choose and can be used as part payment towards a personal and unique film.
Similarly, why not create a My Talking Photos film for  a workmate? Colleagues recalling moments in the recipient's career, illustrated with photographs, makes for a great film and wonderful leaving present.  Find a strip of red carpet and premiere the film at the leaving party!  Prices start from £275 plus travelling expenses.
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